Currently we offer five different SteelCad packages, each with its own features, providing a broad spectrum of possibilities for your company. For detailed information on the features, capabilities, and system requirements of our products, choose an option from the index at the left side of your browser window.

If you already have the Adobe Acrobat® Reader plugin for your web browser, then you can click the link below to see our NEW online brochure or see a sample contract created using SteelCad.

Check out our NEW online brochure!

Click here to view a sample contract if you have the Adobe Acrobat® Reader plugin installed for your browserView the sample contract in Adobe PDF file format

Please be patient as this file will take a few minutes to download on a standard 56K modem connection. You may see a blank document for a while as it downloads and the plugin prepares the document for viewing.


Click here to download and install the Adobe Acrobat® Reader from Adobe's web siteOr you can get Acrobat® Reader from Adobe's web site.


Or if you would prefer to download the sample contract to view or print from your CAD program, click here. The sample drawings are in AutoDesk's AutoCAD® DXF file format, contained in a self-extracting executable file called 'SAMPLE.exe'.

Just download the file (if prompted, you should choose to save the file to disk), then run it and tell the extraction program where you want to extract the files. Then use your CAD program to view or plot the drawings.

If you do not have a CAD program capable of viewing or printing DXF drawing files, you can got to the Evolution Computing web site and download their FREE drawing viewer program.