Includes beam, column, bracing, stair and ladder detailing, gather sheets, erection drawing creation, automated detailing from erection drawings, and 3D modeling

Our most versatile and complete package for steel detailers, this package has everything a detailer needs, from piece-by-piece detailing of structural and miscellaneous steel to automated detailing from erection plans, to fully automated 3D rendering.  Simply create your erection drawings using SteelCad's intelligent E-Plan module, then let SteelCad do the rest for you.  After your 3D model has been created, you can view or edit any individual piece with a click of your mouse.  Or if you choose, you may detail pieces individually from the beginning.  Also coming soon to this package (as a free update): detail your structures and erection drawings using point and click methods right from the 3D modeler. To receive pricing information on the SteelCad Detailer Enterprise Package, click the link below.

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